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A barn and silo in the country near East Chatham,  we designed and built the conical silo roof, replacing a flat roof that had previously been retrofitted onto the silo. The new roof was based on styles used in the 19th century, which this barn is also modeled after, being built around 1905.  The 45 degree cone has sixteen rafters, and 16 lower standing seam roof pans and 4 upper pans, capped by a small venting cupola with its own 45 degree conical cap.                              

We also installed the deer-discouraging garden fence shown here!

Same East Chatham barn, with our new doors mounted on existing rails, and new foundations extended above ground flanking the door.

Bridges, anyone?

Spanning a stream in the hamlet of Red Rock, this bridge gives access to a house.  Concrete bulkheads were set beyond the stream on each side to avoid disturbing the water. Steve designed double steel beams to support the weight of a fully loaded concrete truck, and locally milled white oak 4x 6 timbers as decking and curbs.